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Frankie Jonas Continues To Be The Best Jonas While Recreating Brother Joe Jonas And Taylor Swift's 2008 "Should've Said No" Performance With His Girlfriend

20/20. Perfection. BRAVO!!!!

Frankie Jonas is the funniest and coolest Jonas brother, we all know that by now. My favorite thing about the Jonas Brothers as a whole is their ability to make fun of each other nonstop for everything they did in their youth - and Frankie has a LOT of ammo. Joe Jonas and Taylor Swift performed Should've Said No at a filmed 2008 3D concert, which will forever be a dramatic and viral moment due to their relationship that ended right around the time of this taping. The dancing was contentious and passive aggressive; we will never forget it. Frankie brought us back to 2008 with exact matching outfits, poses and purity rings. The real video is so full of anger, watching it back again is laugh out loud funny. 

And to think, now she sends his baby presents. Time heals all!