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Happy Halloween! Here's MGK Snorting Something Off Megan Fox's Boobs As The Couple Dressed Up As Tommy and Pam This Weekend

Michael Kovac. Getty Images.

Couples costumes for Halloween are exhausting to pull off for normal human beings. I don't know about you but I don't put serious thought into it until two maybe three days prior. By then it's too late to get something off Amazon and all the stores are sold out. It's a nice annual tradition I find myself stuck in. That does not apply to Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as will find out through various pictures and videos in this blog. It helps that they seem to do couples costumes throughout the entire year. Halloween just means they take things up a few notches. 

A popular costume pairing this year was obviously Tommy Lee and Pam Anderson. The one party I stumbled upon this weekend had the hosts dressed as the two (they were not Megan Fox and MGK). To be honest with you, I thought they did a great job. That was until I saw Megan Fox and MGK throw their hat in the ring. 

Yeah I'd call that next level. My initial gut leads me to believe that's a prop, but hey I wouldn't put it past these two who regularly talk about drinking their own blood to just be blowing lines for the spirit of the holiday. 

Gotta think they recorded a sex tape after to complete the costume, right? What a life