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Steelers In Shambles: Kenny Pickett Says The Offense Doesn't Study Enough, Multiple Teammates Like IG Post Of Him Being Sacked

The Pittsburgh Steelers are in very real danger of their first-ever losing season under Mike Tomlin, and they've done such a piss-poor job managing their rookie quarterback Kenny Pickett that he's not only performing poorly on the field, but it seems like he's taking huge fucking Ls in the locker room as well.

As an AFC North-following humanoid for many years, it was always so annoying that the Steelers would be competitive every single season. Kept nailing picks on wide receivers in the draft. Kept dragging the carcass of Ben Roethlisberger for a couple years past the point where he had any business playing. Then outgoing GM Kevin Colbert seemingly dropped the mic by selecting Pickett this year with his final first-round pick, providing a clear successor to Big Ben in the process.

Fully expected everything to play out this way. But nope. The Squealers are 2-6, yinzers are beside themselves, and I'm over here all like...

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So yeah, one of the high-volume targets Pickett would presumably depend upon, Diontae Johnson, and his starting right tackle Chukwuma Okorafor are REVELING in seeing the young field general get pounded into the turf.

Hey gents, maybe log off Instagram, listen to your quarterback, get those noses in that shitty-ass Matt Canada playbook and at least try to make lemonade out of lemons!!

I'm sure frustrations are high after an embarrassing 35-13 loss to the Eagles, but that was in Philly, and AJ Brown straight-up son'd all over the Steelers secondary for three first-half TDs. Combine that with the reliably inept play-calling from Canada and whatever the hell this was from Najee Harris…

…And you can see how things went south against an undefeated opponent on the road.

Good news is Pittsburgh enters a bye in Week 9 to lick their wounds. No, I don't think Mitch Trubisky is the answer to their woes, and seesawing between a young QB and a defined-ceiling veteran would be analogous to how the Dolphins handled their Ryan FItzpatrick-Tua Tagovailoa dilemma a couple years back. Totally wrecked Tua's confidence. You know, that guy who currently leads the NFL in passer rating? Yeah, HIM.

Wait a second. Who was the head coach in Miami during all that Tua bullshit?

Oh no.

I can't wait to get shit from Steelers fans in the comments about how they beat the Bengals in Week 1 as Joe Burrow was coming off an exploded fucking appendix. Just like some of y'all yelled at me during the preseason and insisted that Mason Rudolph should start. But hey…

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