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Everyone Needs To Shut Up And Respect Jake Paul As A Great Boxer

Everyone is so butt hurt that Jake Paul keeps winning boxing fights. When a pro boxer starts his career, he is boxing absolute shitty boxers as well who are just starting their careers. Jake started off and beat the shit out of two YouTube personalities, which is whatever to me. I don't even count those as wins. When Paddy the Baddy or other big personalities in MMA start out they aren't making the type of money Jake is for fighting these "non" boxers and they are fighting lower talent as well so they can build up a resume. I want anyone to name a professional boxer that is 6-0 with this many people watching them or even caring about them. 

If Jake Paul started to box Canelo out of the gate, the allure of him wouldn't exist at all. The reason he is still doing so well is because of all of you morons that keep tweeting him to fight a real fighter! Meanwhile before the fight everyone is saying Jake is definitely going to lose to Anderson Silva and it doesn't matter that Silva is 47 years old. As soon as Jake wins, everyone starts to cry and say that Silva is so old that wasn't impressive at all. 

People have to stop moving the goalposts every single time Jake fights. He tried to set up matches with 2 actual boxers, both of them backed out at the last minute, and all Jake Paul did was pivot to fight Anderson Silva on short notice. He even had to fight Tyron Woodley on short notice, which is not a easy fight. When Jake is winning these fights, he is also putting on a show with knockouts that are leaving very respected people in the fighting world face down on the mat. 

Would people actually want to watch Jake Paul fight a no name professional boxer or keep watching him fight names everyone knows who is also going to be a good fight? He is doing something nobody has really done and I think he deserves to be taken seriously by people because it has become must watch every single time he fights. People either want to see him get knocked the fuck out or see how long he can go without losing.