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"I Think He Had To Go Take A Shit" -- Flames Coach Darryl Sutter, Who Has A Tremendous Way With Words, Explaining Why Jonathan Huberdeau Left The Bench

Darryl Sutter is an enigma. The guy is as old school as it gets in his approach to the game. But at the same time, he's a revolutionary. I mean this man is single-handedly changing the way that we talk about injuries in the sport of hockey. 

Most of the time when a player has to take a shit, that would just get designated as a lower body injury. Skull gets crushed into a pulp along the boards? Upper body injury. Have to drop a deuce in the middle of the game? Lower body injury. For some reason the sport is always so insanely secretive about disclosing injury information. 

But not Darryl Sutter. He'll give you the whole diagnosis right there on the spot. The man loves transparency like he loves chorin' in the summer on his farm in Alberta. Darryl Sutter is here to lead the wave in injury disclosure in hockey one bowel movement at a time.