This LSU Soccer Player Is Hands Down The Best Teammate In The Country With Her Showing During A Fight Against Ole Miss

I assume this brouhaha started because Coach O spent time at both schools. Just life for the SEC, where you may know, it just means more. But this is about more than the fight. This is about being a teammate. This is about no matter what having someone's back and fighting for what's on the FRONT of your jersey.

No one has ever defined that more than No. 38 on LSU. You'll see her and notice her right away. If you're oblivious look at the 9 second mark. She comes flying out of nowhere like a bat out of hell and makes her presence known. She's there to even everything out and lay down the law. You fuck with her teammate, you fuck with her. 

Brutal to lose in PK's for LSU here, but they won the fight. They were teammates. I don't see anyone else on Ole Miss coming in for reinforcements. Things that make you say hmm. I also want the ref investigated here. 38 doesn't deserve a red. In fact she should have been given a PK for that speed to help out a teammate. I don't care about the rule book. You have to reward things like this. 

This is what it is to be a teammate though. You leave any bad blood in the locker room. You fight for each other. You get ejected together.