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FREE THE TREE - Pathetic, 2-Ply Soft Stanford Suspended Their Iconic Mascot For Holding Up A Sign That Said 'Stanford Hates Fun'

[Source] - The person who performs as the iconic Stanford Tree mascot recently held up a banner during their matchup with Arizona State that read “Stanford Hates Fun” — a stunt that has earned him a suspension from the job for the immediate future.

The band’s banner was a response to a recent tension between the school and the Stanford band after a party “got out of hand in Palo Alto” and the band was blamed for it. The school reportedly tightened control over what the Stanford band could do on the field and during their performances on the field — leading to a moment of rebellion from the Tree.

Get the fuck outta here, Stanford. What a bunch of fucking nerds. You know how you prove you don't hate fun? You don't suspend your mascot for speaking the truth. There's apparently a lot of tension between Stanford administration and students/fans/fill-in-the-blank. 

[Source] - They took turns climbing lamp posts and pushed shopping carts filled with beer through Main Quad. One wore a shirt emblazoned with “Stanford Hates Fun” written in red marker. This was, perhaps, what passed for fun after unclear instructions from University administrators forced the Kappa Sigma fraternity to postpone its annual Eurotrash event, typically the first all-campus party of the year.

I'm not here to tell people how to live their life. Basically do whatever your comfortable with. Want to stay at home and do nothing? Go ahead. It doesn't bother me one bit. But you can't sit here and cancel an annual Eurotrash event. That's just ruining college. It's not about the grades. It's not about going to class or that other bullshit. College is four years where you learn how to be normal. You learn how to mingle. You learn how to talk to people from all over the place and from all different backgrounds. For 99% of people that's more valuable than sitting in a bullshit astronomy class because it's an elective. 

Now you have one of the iconic mascots in all of college sports getting suspended for holding up a sign with Arizona State's mascot. That's *ahem* the pussification of America at its finest. Stanford's and ASU's mascot coming together though is beautiful to see. A couple people in costume just accepting that Stanford hates fun. 

Unreal. Just let college kids have fun and get out of the way.