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Pathetic Taylor Heinicke Throw Beats Colts + 10 Fun Horse Facts

Well that was disappointing. I was so certain the Colts had that game in the bag when they went up 16-7 in the 4th quarter. The way the Colts lost that one stings especially bad. I can live with getting outplayed by another team. If a quarterback leads an awesome drive down the filed to beat us, then I will tip my cap. But that was gross. Credit to Terry McLaurin for making an incredible play, but no credit should be given to Taylor Heinicke for this throw.

His offensive line gave him a full 10 seconds to find a WIDE OPEN Terry McLaurin, and that was the throw he came up with. There was nobody within 10 yards of him when that ball was thrown, and he nearly threw an interception. I mean it worked.. so I guess I can't really say shit, but damn... that pass sucked.

I mean look how fucking open he was. He had the entire left side of the end zone to throw the ball to. Can Heinicke not throw further than 40 yards? He really might not be able to.

I know I'm just being salty. Heinicke played a slightly above average game (kinda). It's just very tough to lose on such a pathetic pass. Then we had to watch Heinicke sprint down the field like he just did something awesome… I hated that.

Ok, enough of my bitching. I just had to get that off my chest. I'm not going to let that ruin what was otherwise a pretty neat day for the Colts. The Sam Ehlinger era is officially underway! We didn't get a win. And there wasn't really anything to get excited about, but Rome wasn't built in a day! On top of that, the NEIGH movement is finally picking up steam. Both things are very exciting for Colts fans.

Horse related logos, merchandise, and celebrations are criminally underused by the Indianapolis Colts organization. But I speak for all Colts fans when I say we have been neighing our assess off this season. It just feels good to neigh. Even when things are going bad, sometimes you just need to let out a neigh.


Tough loss for the Colts. 

Here are some horse facts to help you get over the loss.

  • There are about 60 millions horses in the world 
  • Horses can interpret human emotions
  • Horses do not have a collar bone
  • Horse hearts are 10x bigger than human hearts
  • Horses have the largest eyes out of any land mammal
  • Horses can't vomit or burp
  • Horses can walk on their own just a few hours after they are born
  • Horses have been successfully cloned
  • Twin horses are very rare
  • Horse come in a variety of different colors

I would like to thank Horsey Hooves (https://horseyhooves.com) for providing 9 of the 10 horse facts this evening.


Raimund Linke. Shutterstock Images.