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Who's Your Daddy? Derrick Henry Now Has Ran For 200+ Yards And 2+ TDs In Four Straight Games Vs. The Houston Texans

Derrick Henry may have a whole section of his Hall Of Fame speech about playing against the Houston Texans because he quite literally owns the Texans every time he steps on the field against them. It only took him 2.5 quarters to make history again on Sunday with his 4th straight 200+ rushing yards and 2+ touchdown performance vs Houston. What a mindfuck that must be to know that a guy is going to go for at least 200 and 2 TDs against you before he's even off the plane. Just complete domination every single time. Let's just look at his last 4 games vs Houston:

12/29/19 - 32 carries, 211 yards, 3 touchdowns

10/18/20 - 22 carries, 212 yards, 2 touchdowns

1/3/21 - 34 carries, 250 yards, 2 touchdowns 

10/30/22 - 32 carries, 219 yards, 2 touchdowns

That is 892 rushing yards and 9 touchdowns in 4 games. Video game numbers.

He's just a machine. Quite literally built different. The numbers he puts up against them make me laugh. And the thing is, the Texans knew the Titans were going to run the ball today and there was nothing they could do to stop Henry or the Titans. With Malik Willis making his first career start the Titans pounded it on the ground to the tune of 314 rushing yards on 45 carries, that is 7 yards a carry. Pretty good if you ask me! We knew they'd run the ball down Houston's throat but they quite literally couldn't do a thing to stop them. 

Henry racked up the records today too. He's now tied for the most career 200 yard rushing games in history with 6 and passed Eddie George in career touchdowns in franchise history with 75. He's the best running back in football, it's not even close. People thought it was Jonathan Taylor for like .2 seconds. They said Nick Chubb for a bit. Nope, it's DH. Tractorcito season just starting up too. Going to be a longggggg 2nd half of the season for any team playing the Titans.