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Tony Romo Heavily Implies NFL Teams Are Interested In Josh Heupel

Well that's something I didn't anticipate hearing today.

Josh Heupel has done a truly unbelievable job in his first two years at Tennessee. He took over a program in the midst of more than a decade of dysfunction and somehow has turned the Vols into a national title contender in his second season. He's one of the best football coaches in America, regardless of level.

So while it certainly makes sense that other college teams or possibly NFL franchises would be interested in Heupel, his unique brand of hyper-speed offense is something that doesn't exactly seem like it would translate to the NFL. I'd be curious to see a team like the Chiefs or Bills try it, but those teams obviously won't be looking for a new head coach anytime soon.

The only thing that gives me even the slightest bit of pause is that you'd have to be a legit psycho to enjoy coaching in college more than the NFL. You are either coaching or recruiting 365 days a year in college while NFL coaches go on multiple vacations during the off-season. Nick Saban hasn't taken a vacation in three decades.

You'd have to be almost as crazy, however, to leave a situation like the one Heupel has in Knoxville to go to an NFL team that sucks bad enough that it just fired its coach. If Tennessee wins the SEC and/or makes the College Football Playoff this season, Heupel can write down whatever number he wants on a piece of paper, hand it to UT athletic director Danny White and that's how much money he'll make.

Heupel isn't going to the NFL. Romo must have heard something from someone he trusts, but it isn't happening.