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Jalen Hurts Has An Addiction To Proving The Doubters Wrong

Mitchell Leff. Getty Images.

What a day in the office for QB1. The Eagles are 7-0 for just the 2nd time in franchise history, and that's now 10 straight regular season wins for Jalen Hurts. Is that good? You tell me. 

You might recall a few weeks ago when Jalen went on the Manningcast broadcast during Monday Night Football. He wore a hoodie saying "God bless whoever hating on me". 


Now "hating" might be a strong word. I don't think you'll find many people who actually "hate" Jalen Hurts. He's as likable of a dude as they come. But if you take hating to be the same thing as doubting? Well Jalen Hurts has been doubted since the moment Tua came in to that 2017 National Championship game. 

First they said he wouldn't even be an NFL quarterback. Then he gets drafted by the Eagles and shut those doubters up pretty quickly. But then it was "sure, Jalen might have gotten drafted. But he'll never be a successful starting QB in the NFL". Then he goes out and leads the Eagles to playoffs in his first full season as a starter, and shut those doubters up pretty quickly. Then it was "sure, Jalen may have gotten the Eagles into the playoffs but that's just because they had a dog shit schedule and got to beat up on NFC East teams. He still doesn't have the arm to be a legitimate franchise quarterback in this league". 

Then today he goes out and does some of this…

Some of that…

Some more of this…


And even some more of that…

All 3 of those balls to AJ Brown were ridiculous. Elite caliber. Deep ball thrown into some pretty solid coverage in the perfect location. There have been some damn good quarterbacks to come through the city of Philadelphia over the past 50 years, and none of them have ever done what Jalen Hurts did this afternoon. And the scariest part about it is that he's still getting better. The sick bastard is never satisfied. 

So yes. God bless whoever hating on Jalen Hurts. Because clearly it's been working.