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Pardon My Take's Football Guy Of The Week Nominees: Week 9

Congratulations to Jason Kelce, who won by a landslide in week 8 as a Football Guy who doesn't like to dress up....


Or does he?!?

Now for this week's nominees!

1. Carson Wallace, Philly Kid.

What a beast. Philly breeds a different type of person, and a lot of those guys end up as football guys. This kid spent all night trolling the Astros fans in Houston, then turned around early the next morning to get back to Philly to play in his Pop Warner game. 

Kid looks like 65lbs of beast that one day could possibly end up playing on Saturdays or even Sundays. I really hope in 10 years and 200lbs this kid is an LB or TE on Penn State going to the league.  

2. Lane Kiffin, HC Ole Miss


Late in the game vs A&M, Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss offense were driving. As many players do to stop the hurry up, they fake injuries. Lane Kiffin just lays into the Texas A&M players to fake an injury because he knows they would. Now I don’t know if Lane Kiffin was actually trying to get the kid to fake an injury, so he didn't have to waste a timeout. The player did it, and Lane Kiffin alpha'd him into it. 

3. Mike Vrabel and Ben Jones, Titans HC and Center

Against the Colts, Ben Jones played through diarrhea and going down from multiple injuries to secure the win last week against the Colts. This video of Mike Vrabel in the tunnel surfaced with him crying over his center, who gave it his all in a game when he could have easily sat it out; that's a football guy respecting another football guy for being a football guy. This is just a football guy orgy. Guys crying over other dudes giving it their all. 

4. Jim Mora, HC UConn


Jim Mora lives in a haunted house and doesn't give a fuck or care about leaving. Probably would only care about the ghost if it could help him win football games, and maybe he did this past Saturday against BC.