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Christian McCaffrey Hit The Rams With The 4th Touchdown Hat Trick Since The AFL/NFL Merger By Throwing A TD, Catching A TD, And Running For A TD

Remember when we all wondered what Kyle Shanahan's offense would look like with a nuclear weapon like Christian McCaffrey in it considering he turned randos we've never heard of into fantasy goldmines? Well the answer appears to be LaDainian Tomlinson. Or Walter Payton if you are a Bears fan. Or David Patten if you are Jerry Thornton.

I would love it if Kyle Shanahan tried to score a touchdown with McCaffrey every way possible before the season is over like he's the 10 year old illegally playing Pop Warner with 8 year olds. A punt return touchdown, a kick return touchdown, throw a pick six and scoop & score with that absurd defense. However, considering the injury history of McCaffrey and pretty much every person to wear a Niners uniform under Shanahan, they should probably just stick to the traditional ways of scoring a touchdown, which will still make McCaffrey a football weapon of mass destruction again.

Also for what it's worth, I still consider the defensive same name hat trick to be massively more impressive considering the amount of crazy shit that has to happen to make it possible.