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Zach Wilson Let The Jets Down Today. It's Exhausting Being A Fan Of A Franchise That Can't Draft A QB.....

In what seemed like the biggest game for the franchise in years, the Jets proved they were the same old Jets. Who is to blame? Zach Wilson. The version we saw of the BYU QB today was beyond disappointing. It started with the first INT late in the 1st half, which was beyond unacceptable for the situation. 


His inability to stand in the pocket and take a hit came back and hurt him. While backing up from the oncoming pressure, he threw the ball high. Boom. INT. Leads to a FG for the Patriots before half....

The 2 INTs in the 2nd half were pathetic. You know what. Pathetic isn't the proper word. They were shocking. 

I don't even know what to say about this. Zach somehow struggles with throwing the ball away. That's something you learn in high school training camp. He didn't learn his lesson:

Somehow, his worst 3 play sequence didn't involve an INT:

I'm not going to make any proclamation on Zach Wilson's future in this blog. All I know is right now he's one of the worst QBs in the NFL and holding back a good NFL team. All that being said? He threw for 300 yards and 2 TDs today. So, I guess we can run with that? Whatever. It's exhausting being a fan of a team without a QB.


Other than that? The Jets looked good. The defense played very well. I was frustrated with some of the calls by the refs. I don't know why this was not running into the kicker:

This was 100% PI or holding on the offense:

Ultimately, Zach Wilson lost this game. It's too bad. 

Onto the Bills. I'm sure that will be fun.