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WATCH: AJ Brown Moss'd The Steelers For 3 TDs In The 1st Half...Might Want To Cover Him Better Than That, Pittsburgh

I know it's easier said than done locking down AJ Brown. Obviously the Pittsburgh Steelers are fucking around and finding that out firsthand on this fine Sunday. Jalen Hurts is basically just launching it deep and trusting Brown will deliver. There are worse football strategies, that's for sure.

As if Philadelphia sports aren't going well enough of late, this is just the latest proof that Howie Roseman's seemingly impulsive, wheeling and dealing ways involve a method to the madness. Swiping Brown from the Titans for a measly first-round pick was beyond worth it. Five catches, 113 yards and three TDs in one half against the venerated Steelers defense? That's a fine full game of work as it stands and justifies invoking Randy Moss' surname in the headline.

Perhaps the craziest thing about this is that superstar Pittsburgh safety Minkah Fitzpatrick was providing help over the top on all three scoring plays. The first one, he had a legitimate chance at the ball and appeared to be weeping about it afterwards, although I couldn't see from so far away. Perhaps actual tears will be confirmed later. On the last two, Fitzpatrick was simply too late getting over to help.

You can't just leave AJ Brown singled up for that long. Hurts is savvy enough to see that he can put the ball up and trust that a typical 50-50 heave is more like a 75-25 at the catch point for Brown.

Seriously, props to Howie for moving off Carson Wentz as fast as he did, and then proceeding to hire the right head coach in Nick Sirianni and build one of the top five rosters in the NFL. WHAT AN ARC.

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