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Was This Roughing The Passer On The Jets? Or Were The Refs Protecting Mac Jones After The Worst Throw Ever?

The Jets looked like they were about to be up 17-3 going into half, buttttt it was negated by a controversial roughing the passer:

To me? As a Jets fan? It sucks, but it was the right call. You just can't do that if you're John Franklin Meyers. Gotta be better than that! We know the NFL protects QBs like they are babies. He hit him clearly after the ball was released. Is it soft? Sure, but that's the name of the game in the NFL these days.

If there is anything we can all agree on it's that pass from Mac Jones? WOOOOOF. 

10-6 at half. Jets defense looks good. Let's just forget that INT from Zach Wilson happened.