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Dumping Them Out: Zombie Opera Circus

Remember Katrina Bowden from 30 Rock? She played Cherie. I'm sure she was in other things too, but 30 Rock is the first show that comes to mind. At one point in my life, I would have called her the hottest actress/human being in the world. But then I just forgot about her. I haven't thought about Katrina Bowden in at least 5 years. She just popped up on my screen today while I was searching for horny GIFs.

I wonder what she is up to nowadays. I'm going to do some research. Enjoy these 2 GIFs of her while I look up some fun facts.

Fun Facts about Katrina Bowden 

- Pronouns (she/her)

- 34 years old

- She was born in Wyckoff, New Jersey

- When she got her role in 30 Rock, she was only 17 years old, which seems sort of sketchy. Mile Kunis was only 16 on That 70's Show, which is even sketchier.

- She attended a high school that no longer exists (St. Thomas More)

- She was named's Babe Of The Month in August 2011


On to some personal news.

The park by my home had a Zombie Opera Circus on Saturday night. I don't mean to brag, but I dominated the Zombie Opera Circus harder than anyone this year. A person lamer than me might have thought the Zombie Opera Circus was NOT fun. They might say that the Zombie Opera itself was difficult to follow along with. That nobody had any clue what the Zombie Opera was about, because nobody could hear any of the performers.

They also might think it sucked because there was no food or drink available for purchase, even though their Instagram account said there would be both. But what the Zombie Opera Circus lacked in volume + refreshments, they made up for in face paint.

Frequently Asked Questions

"But John, wasn't the face painting meant for children?"

- No, it was for both. It cost $5 for children, and $10 of adults. So I actually contributed more to the community than the kids.

"Is this just some lame attempt at content so you can show people how goofy and whimsical you are?"

- Yes, you got me pegged

"So you wasted your Saturday night at a Zombie Opera Circus for a face painting bit?"

No. It was for a face painting bit, AND a caricature bit.


Can you stop showing us pictures from the Zombie Opera Circus, and show us more slow motion boob GIFs?

- Yes

I've been mixing candy's together lately in search of the best candy combination. This combo that I'm eating right now might be the new front runner. It's a mixture of Albanese Gummy Worms (the best brand of worm), and Mini Chewy Sweet Tarts.

I love pairing gummy worms with a sour candy. Worms is a superior style of gummy. It is one of my preferred gummy shapes. However, I often find myself wishing that they packed a bigger punch. A gummy worm on it's own in not quite bursting with flavor. But if you put 1 gummy worm with 5 Mini Chewy Sweet Tarts, and give them a long suck, the result is very satisfying. The flavor is phenomenal, and it makes for a unique texture. The gummy worm almost has a chemical reaction with the Mini Chewy Sweet Tarts, and it turns into a delicious gummy paste. It's difficult to explain, but next time you're at Walgreens (they carry both candy's), you should grab a bag of both. 

Life Saver Gummies and Skittles are a strong combination as well. I prefer Wild Berry Life Saver Gummies paired with Darkside Skittles. Sour Skittles and Starbursts (Fav Reds) are another classic.

I'm going to plug some things now. I spent all of last week writing an AFC South Bold Predictions Blog. It is an irresponsibly long article, but I actually worked really hard on it, so if you are in the market for long-form nonsense, please give it a read. Here a few samples from the story, followed by a boobs + beef GIF.

One more announcement. I have taken a break from Blog Wheel for the last few weeks. I have not forgotten about it. It is currently under construction. The plan is to turn the Blog Wheel into a video blog series. The premise will stay the same. The plan is to continue putting 8 random topics on a wheel, but instead of simply writing about them, I will conduct an interview with someone who can educate me on the topic. I probably won't be doing 1 per week. It would most likely be an every other week thing. But we are close to finishing the Asher Baron blog wheel video, and we are using that as the "pilot" for the series. The plan is to have it finished and posted by the end of this week.


I almost forgot about the Skelton. On Friday, we built a 12 foot tall skeleton and put it on Feitelbergs back deck. I was the instructions guy, which is a very important job. Some would call the instructions guy the quarterback of skeleton building. 

I also had the daintiest wrists/hands of the group, which proved to be important. I did a lot of reaching into tight spaces to hold bones in place, screwing rods into bones, shifting rods, general bone/rod work, etc. My hands are still cut up from the ordeal.

Thank you so much for reading.