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Jake Paul Beats Anderson Silva And Calls Out Nate Diaz

Jake Paul just beat Anderson Silva via unanimous decision after dropping him in the final round of their eight-round main event, and judging by the Twitter reaction to the fight, it was pretty entertaining! 

Here's one anonymous fan's review....

I'll be honest - I didn't watch the fight. I genuinely couldn't care less about these Paul bros fights right now.  I'm just writing this blog because I don't think anyone else will and I don't want to get in trouble for not having big news in "my lane" up on the site.

I was watching Lomachenko's return to the squared circle against Jamain Ortiz which was an AWESOME scrap. Ortiz took Loma the full twelve and gave him a very respectable challenge, which ya obviously don't see in Lomachenko fights very often.

Congrats to Jake Paul, though - that's a pretty serious win I didn't think he'd be able to get when this fight was announced, even if Anderson is 47. I definitely lost a little confidence in The Spider when he said he couldn't stop getting knocked out in sparring while preparing for this fight, but I won't move the goalposts now. I said I thought Anderson would win and he didn't - I was wrong!

If Jake Paul fights Nate Diaz next - as he should - I think I'd watch that one.

Speaking of Nate Diaz, he smacked a member of Jake's team tonight and got escorted out of the building by cops….

That's just classic Nate Diaz.