Now We've Got A Series! The Astros Take Game 2 Thanks To Framber Valdez Being AWESOME And Alex Bregman's Big Fly As We Head To Philly Tied Up 1-1

You just knew the Astros weren't going down without a fight, and they showed it quickly. They put up a 3 spot in the first vs Zack Wheeler in part to three straight doubles to lead off the game. 4 pitches in we were sitting at 2-0 Houston. They just jumped all over Wheeler. Punched him right in the mouth and never looked back. If you thought they'd still be dragging their heads over Game 1 you were wrong. And that was pretty much all they'd need. 

It stayed 3-0 until Alex Bregman decided to do that thing he does in every World Series he plays in, goes yard. 

His sixth career World Series home run, wild for a guy who is only 28. He has a knack for coming up big in October and he proved it here. Absolutely crushed this ball, thought we were gonna get a train shot at first but man was this pissed on. That gave Houston the dreaded 5-0 lead that they squandered the night before, but Philly wasn't coming back like that on Framber Valdez. 

Framber was unreal.. Absolutely spectacular. He pissed down his leg in his first 2 World Series stats last year but was on his game. 6 1/3rd, 4 hits, 1 run, 3 walks, and 9 Ks for Valdez as he cruised through Philly's lineup. Just couldn't get anything going off Valdez. Some would say it was because he kept going to his wrist for some sort of substance. 

Who knows. It doesn't look great but lets be real, people are still doing stuff to get an advantage. I'm not saying Valdez is doing anything, but I am saying he was awesome. I think the Astros have their ace of the future and his name is Framber. 

Relatively quiet game after the Bregman bomb besides for Kyle Schwarber almost hitting 2 home runs on 2 pitches. One was inches foul and then one was inches from the seats. Just that kind of night for Schwarber and the Phils. Also that kind of night for Smitty who ended up with sauce on his face and a long fly out.


Also good to see Jose Altuve have 3 hits and seem to come alive. But now the story is 3 in Philly. Monday night, Halloween, Citizens Bank. Place is going to be a zoo. Atmosphere is going to be insane and I can't wait to see it. I don't think any Phillies fans are too upset with this loss either. If you'd have told them that going back to Philly it would be 1-1 and you have 3 straight home games? They'd have signed up for that in a heartbeat. 

1-1 headed to the zoo known as Citizens Bank. It is going to be louddddddd in there. Awesome World Series so far and I know these next few games are going to keep kicking ass.