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Antonio Brown Tells The Truth About Gisele And Says Why He's Been Throwing Shade At Tom Brady Recently

Brian Westerholt. Shutterstock Images.

In 2020, Tom Brady vouched for Antonio Brown, who'd he'd played one career game with when Brown signed with the Patriots in 2019. He vouched to high ranking members of the organization on Brown's character and vowed to help keep him in line. In fact, Brady opened up his home to AB and Brown ended up living there for a few weeks once he signed with Tampa Bay.

Things were great early as Brown's presence was vital to the Buccaneers success as he stepped up when Mike Evans and Chris Godwin missed games and helped propel them on a playoff run that ended with them hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. In fact, Brady threw Brown a crucial TD in that game.

Tampa Bay brought Brown back after that magical run, re-signing him to a short, non-guaranteed deal for well under market cost for a man of his talents. Things came unraveled during a game at the New York Jets where Brown became frustrated that he was not seeing enough targets as he was trying to put together a bunch of huge games to his a yardage incentive he had in his contract. He left the field during the game and was released shortly thereafter.

Since that time, AB has gone his own way and taken up a music career. He has not returned to the field and I'm not sure there would be suitors lined up for a guy who just pulled a stunt like that. But Tom Brady went out of his way to not say anything negative about AB. 

But AB has been trying to snipe Brady, who is going through a divorce at every turn recently. 

Brown comes across as a straight up dickhead for this stuff. Brady has done nothing but try and help this guy. Certainly AB deserves some credit for helping the Bucs capture Super Bowl LV, but what has Tom done to warrant such shade from this absolute loose cannon of a human? Well it was asked recently to AB directly and here's how he responded.

"It is what it is." Brown sheepishly says as he's painted into a corner by the host, Patrick Betdavid who simply highlights Brown's actions. Brown also says it's all in fun and for charity.

This is the part that gets me. Brown is a guy who has dozens of unpaid bills out there. He is known for booking high end things and skipping out when the check comes. So pardon me when I don't believe a second of when he says this money is going to charity. AB is about AB and nobody else as evident by his actions. 

He further goes onto explain that this was all a parody. And it's us, the public that are making this out to being way more than it is between him and Gisele who he does come clean to having nothing going on with. 

"I'm not smashing his girl. I don't know his girl. It's a t-shirt that raised money from a real moment that happened." - Antonio Brown

How dumb does Antonio Brown think we are? This guy is an absolute clown of a person who deserves the absolute minimum in life. Not only is he not a good friend, he's proven he's not a good person either. 

And his music sucks too.