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WATCH: Lincoln Riley Goes NUTS On Refs After They Cost USC A Field Goal Attempt Before Halftime


Lincoln Riley knows his USC Trojans are probably a year away from really competing for a national championship. Ain't his fault. So much turnover amid a major overhaul of a powerhouse program, and while the Riley-led offense is firing on all cylinders, the Trojans have an ACHILLES HEEL if you will on defense. They basically struggle to stop anyone unless they get a takeaway.

So yeah...every point matters for USC, so when officials didn't stop the clock like they should have to move the sticks once Caleb Williams hit Brenden Rice for a 34-yard gain just before the halfway horn, well, Lincoln was LIVID. The ball was on the Arizona 10! Not that any field goal is guaranteed, especially in college, but that's only about a 27-yarder. Chip-shot territory. Almost certainly would've given the visiting Trojans a 20-16 advantage.

Ridiculous that Arizona was even keeping this competitive. All due respect to the Wildcats, but they're gonna be lucky to be bowl eligible at this point. USC coming off last week's 43-42 loss to Utah flat like this on the defensive side wasn't the best look, and getting basically robbed of three points sucks, too.

Oh well. As I blog this, USC once again forced a turnover, and the next play from scrimmage off that interception, Williams found Tahj Washington for a 47-yard TD to stretch the lead to 31-16. Looks like Lincoln's outburst might've boiled over into a fiery locker room speech that woke the Trojans the fuck up. You love to see it.

...And now it's 31-23. D up, USC!!

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