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TCU's 4th And 1 Touchdown With 20 Seconds Left To Hit The Over AND Cover The -7.5 Spread Might Be The Bad Beat Of The Year

DOUBLE WHAMMY. The Over/Under of 69.5 was seemingly intact, as were West Virginia bettors who at least thought the Mountaineers would stay within a touchdown against TCU.

Then, with 20 seconds remaining, and West Virginia having zero timeouts, the Horned Frogs decided to go YOLO when Max Duggan saw Savion Williams in single coverage on the outside. TOUCHDOWNNNNNN. TCU wins 41-31!!

The dudes in the Saturday gambling cave at a location this blogger is unfamiliar with were none too pleased.


Worse news...El Pres had West Virginia +7.5 as his Mortal Lock of the Week.

If I lost $80K this fast like this, I'd be blowing chunks everywhere and curled up in the fetal position.

Bad vibes — better change the venue next time, gents!

I mean…could've run a QB sneak. Could've just done a basic dive play. Some sort of quick slant? A stop route? A pick play? Read-option? SO MANY potential plays to run to gain a yard and keep Under/WVU bettors alive.

Max Duggan said…

Giphy Images.

Fucking savage move. Deny the Mountaineers their upset bid. Run up the score. Devastate the idiots who thought you wouldn't win by eight points or more. DAGGERS EVERYWHERE.


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