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The NCAA Suspends FSU's Top-50 Recruit Baba Miller For The Heinous Crime Of Receiving $3,000 For A Trip To The USA (And Paying It Back)

Gotta hand it to the NCAA. It's 2022 and they still don't give a flying fuck about common sense or rational decisions. Nope. They suspend top-50 recruit Baba Miller for SIXTEEN GAMES for this. I mean, hey, any time a kid passes up playing professional basketball for a chance to play in college and experience college, you gotta give him the true experience. You gotta fuck him over for getting $3,000 for flights, meal, etc to go to a camp before he committed to FSU. Oh and should probably tack on a couple games because Baba Miller and his family decided to pay it back. How dare they pay back someone for this? Should have just kept taking money. 

This is why I don't feel bad for anyone associated with the NCAA. These dumbass rules prevent people from playing. Why would any top international prospect come over here just to sit? Go sign and make a shit ton of money with Real Madrid and get drafted in the first round. 

Miller was likely going to start the season off the bench, which really means nothing for FSU's system. Guys just play like 25 minutes no matter if you start or not. Leonard Hamilton has been awesome at getting a deep roster that's typically filled with huge, versatile players. Baba Miller was that. 

In no world should $3,000 for something like this result in a 16-game suspension, especially in the year 2022. Just flat out absurd, but I expect nothing else from the NCAA.