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Lying is Fun: With a Straight Face Aledmys Diaz Says He Didn't Lean Into The Pitch That He Very Clearly Leaned Into Last Night

First of all let's all take a moment and appreciate the Spanish language broadcast for giving us the umpire audio amped up so we could hear James Hoye tell Aledmys Diaz "stay right here, you fucking leaned right into that." Hilarious moment. 

Let's also appreciate a good call for a change! So often we're on social media bitching and moaning about terrible calls behind the plate. May have been a few questionable strike/ball calls in this one, but James Hoye was on top of that tomfoolery from Diaz and wasn't about to let him reach first on a free pass. The at bat continued and Diaz eventually grounded out to 3rd to end the game, rewarding the Fightins' with the Game 1 W. 

Lastly, you gotta laugh at Diaz being shocked about the call. Lying like this must be fun. 


I guess what else is he supposed to say, but also that was as blatant as can be. My man straight up ran into the pitch

Just no attempt to be subtle whatsoever. Diaz knew he was struggling so far in the postseason and was trying to do anything to keep the line moving. Taking a page out of Howie's book from The Benchwarmers, except the heliophobic lefty sold it much better. 

Anyways, what a baseball game we had last night, ladies and gentlemen. Let's run it back tonight. 

P.S. This kid was born to be a Philly fan