Nick Castellanos, Not A Cheater, Clearly Isn't Afraid Of Accidentally Exposing Any Wires Hidden Under His Jersey

I'm still undecided on whether I think Castellanos was actually taking a shot at the Astros here or if he just untucks his shirt like that after every game. Reality is what you make it, so it's way more fun to believe he was taking the shot here. But regardless of if it was just coincidence or not, this is what honor and integrity looks like. 

How nice must it be for Nick Castellanos to take the field and not have any guilt weighing down his conscience? To be able to have some of the biggest moments of his baseball career and not have to worry about showing a little celebratory skin which would uncover further evidence of a massive cheating scandal. That's gotta be liberating. To just enjoy the moment, soak it in, and have no fear of showing the world you're a gutless coward. 


Speaking of biggest moments...what a night for Nicky Beisbol. 

Obviously striking out with the bases loaded after Hector Neris threw 5 straight balls wasn't ideal. But nobody gives a shit after you make THAT catch. No wires, all heart.  

Oh and speaking of a total lack of honor and integrity…

Gutless organization.