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The Phillies And Astros Just Played The Greatest Game 1 Of All Time

Holy shit what a game 1. That's the obvious knee jerk reaction. You couldn't script a better start to the World Series and there's almost too much to process at this point. Verlander can't hold a 5 run lead. The Phillies battle back in historic fashion. JT Realmuto finally gets an October and he's a monster. The Phillies bullpen. The resilience throughout. Holy shit what a game 1. 


The Philly boys will be back later with some local coverage. I can only imagine the scenes right now after seeing them personally last weekend with Smitty. And while we're staying personal - it's just such a treat to get this kind of match up to conclude a roller coaster season. All the momentum in the world with the Phillies against the best AL club since the old Yankee teams. So many baseball guys out there tonight were just going nuts watching this game. So many rally dips and HOLY FUCKS and this overwhelming sense that October baseball truly is the best form of any sport. That's a real feeling right now and I'm definitely with you guys. 

Bigger picture... MLB needs this bad, plain and simple. After the disastrous lockout and mounting labor tensions. The best recipe is to remind everyone that this sport is simply incredible at its best form. Let's worry about that for now. It's stupendous.

Elsewhere, the Phillies may never get the credit they deserve if this series goes the other way. But right now it's the best story since the 2016 Cubs and it looks like we're only getting started.