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All-Time Coach Move: Soccer Manager In England Lit The Team's Ping Pong Table On Fire Because Players Were Using It Too Much

[Source] - Luton Town manager Nathan Jones allegedly set fire to his players’ table tennis table to end ill-discipline.

So, predictably, the sight of players turning up at training late is not what the former Stoke City manager wants to see. And he was so frustrated, the 49-year-old is understood to have unleashed the pyromaniac inside him, bringing hell fire and fury to the culprit, according to former Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster.

“Literally all day, every day, all the lads wanted to do was play table tennis. All day. It consumed everybody.

I love this move so much. It's just peak coach/manager whatever you want to call them. Guys showing up late, not paying attention so Nathan Jones only had one option. He lit that ping pong table on fire. That's what has to be done. Sure, the Dolphins can remove their ping pong table. That's amateur shit. The manager made a statement here setting it on fire. Shows he means business. Shows there will be no more ping pong and rightfully so. They didn't make the Premier League last season - apparently he lit it on fire in April. Luton Town is 9th in the Champions League. That ain't gonna get you back to the Premier League. Maybe if they win he'll buy them a new table. 

You know what I'm even more proud of than the move? The fact no one is complaining about the move. No think pieces about how the manager is being mean. No think pieces about how players need ping pong to relax after matches. Just everyone laughing about the image of this Viking funeral. 

I really wish there was video of Jones hitting his limit with the ping pong table. You know he had to go off on an unbelievable tirade and was just screaming gibberish. Probably started making up words and combining cuss words that doesn't make sense. But lighting a ping pong table on fire? Genius. Win over the team one flame at a time.