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Ole Miss Needs To Beat Texas A&M Strictly So The World Can Hear Lane Kiffin Ramble About 'Karma' Being His Favorite Taylor Swift Song

I'm not saying this because I care about Taylor Swift. She's fine. She has some awesome songs, but I wasn't waiting all night to listen to her new album. I'll listen to it when I want. No, I care for two reasons:

1. Lane Kiffin is a content machine

2. I hate not knowing secrets

The second is basic human interest. You can't tell me you have something you want to say but can't say it just yet. Just fucking say it. It's the JV version of getting the 'we need to talk' text. Don't send that. Just tell me what you need to say, that's especially true if you're one of my parents. Now my mind is racing that my dad had one too many wings and is in the hospital. Thanks mom. 

And of course Lane's favorite song is Karma. He's a vindictive son of a bitch. There's a good chance he's using Karma for any old job he had. I feel comfortable in saying that's a lock and he's waiting for a win to say it. So beat A&M. We can't have the Yell Leaders making Taylor Swift jokes at your expense. No, you need to win and then spend the postgame press conference breaking down Taylor Swift songs. Give me something different. I know the special teams were special. I know the offense was humming. I know the defense stayed home and did their roles. We watch the game. 

Plus I know people eating this up will just rattle Brandon Walker and I'm cheering for that. So let's go Mintzy. Let's go Ole Miss. Need a win so we can get to the bottom (end) this Lane Kiffin story.