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The FBI Is Now Investigating An Ex-CIA Agent For Spying On Behalf Of Qatar Ahead Of The World Cup

The monthslong FBI probe focuses on whether Kevin Chalker’s work for Qatar broke laws related to foreign lobbying, surveillance and exporting sensitive technologies and tradecraft, said two people with knowledge of the investigation who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss it.

Chalker’s goal, AP found, was to burnish Qatar’s image among American decision makers while undermining critics who have accused the Persian Gulf monarchy of financing terrorists and other wrongdoing. Federal investigators have focused increasing scrutiny in recent years on Qatar’s influence efforts, including those alleged to involve former U.S. national security officials.

Every day there is seemingly another WILD headline about the upcoming World Cup in Qatar. Now, apparently, our intelligence community is getting involved and instigating one of their own. 

Personally, I'd like to see this investigation dropped. If Agent Chalker's goal was to burnish Qatar's image and undermine critics then he straight up just stole money from Qatar. For YEARS now there have been negative headlines about this event. First it was financing terrorism, then it was corruption and bribery allegations, then it was building stadiums with slave labor, then it was moving the dates of the tournament because it's 120 degrees in Qatar during the summer. As we get closer the headlines are all about installing spy software on foreign fan's cell phones, no drinking allowed, no taking your shirt off as a man or woman, restaurants and hotels won't be able to televise the games, no sex allowed. It's honestly going to be the worst version of this tournament imaginable. 

IF Qatar did pay this former CIA spy they should get their money back because he SUCKS at his job. Before Qatar was announced as the World Cup host most Americans probably didn't even know the country existed. The ones that did know it existed probably thought it was the same thing as the UAE. It was just an anonymous little gulf country worth a gazillion dollars in oil like the rest of them, but probably doesn't make the board in a Family Feud style survey of Americans. 

NOW when people think Qatar they KNOW it's the country that hosted the World Cup in stadiums built by foreign slaves and if you try to have fun you'll get found because of the tracking software they installed and promptly arrested. Sounds to me like this guy Chalker was a double agent. A true patriot.