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The U.S. Military's Most Haunted Spots From Fort Polk's "Box Witch" To Ghosts In Base Housing

Starting at 26:15 on today's ZeroBlog30 we've got active duty soldier named Nick who runs one of the spoOOooOkiest accounts in the military, Tales From The Gridsquare. Troops submit their stories to him anonymously & then Nick shares them on his Instagram page. Almost always the comments reveal that a bunch of other people witnessed the same things, like this one where several UFOs were witnessed moving in tandem above a base in Afghanistan:

People also send him their "orbs" and ghost sightings caught on camera:

The rest of today's ZeroBlog30 episode includes:

- The top 5 best military Halloween costumes

- The top 5 scariest feelings a troop can experience

- Goblins (tiny fighter planes), spooks (super secret intel folks) & the ghost army (who tricked the Nazis with inflatables)

The show clearly has more of a Babadook vibe, but don't be aFraiD to CLicK, OOOOoOoOoOo! (ok, ok, I'm done now.)