John Summit And I Discussed Why People From The Midwest, Chicago In General, Are The Best In The Country

We interviewed the hottest name in house music of the moment, and Chicago's own, John Summit, live from The Brooklyn Mirage a couple weeks ago. 


It couldn't have been a better time talking with him, and it couldn't have been TWO better shows he put on. 

I covered his meteoric rise over the past two years in my last blog, and he shows zero signs of slowing down. 

He's got a calendar full of sold-out shows to close out the year, 

a massive new single dropping on November 4th, 

and he still made time for Barstool Backstage. 

What a guy.

In this part of the interview we hit him with some Chicago specific questions-

Is he a Cubs or Sox guy?

What's his favorite team in general?

What are his thoughts on the Bears?

What's his favorite pizza spot?

What's the food spot he missed the most when he's on the road?

And more-


And then at the end we got to talking about what makes Chicago the best city in the country, aside from the beautiful landscape, beautiful lake, beautiful people, incredible summers, breathtaking architecture, etc. 

The genuine goodness and kindness of the people!

You can travel far and wide, as we have, and you'll be hard-pressed to find people who are as naturally kind, friendly, and positive as you will in Chicago. 

It's not even a debate.

Are there cities on par with Chicago's beauty? Do they offer the high level of entertainment, dining, and culture that we have? Not really but some are close. But you know what? The people suck. That's the difference. 

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