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There Is A Theory That Tom Brady's Issues With Gisele Bündchen Blew Up When She Had No Idea He Was Talking To The Miami Dolphins

On today's Pardon My Take... MIKE FLORIO! The football journalist joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter to discuss major news around the league, conspiracy theories, and the weekly "Fantasy Fuccbois" segment. 

One of the theories that Florio brought up was regarding the major reason why Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen began having relationship issues. And as Florio explains below, there is a theory out there that the conflict may have stemmed from Brady's potential involvement with the Miami Dolphins. I'll let him explain all of the details:


Mike Florio: There's a theory, there's a theory in league circles, and I think I'm couching it properly - that the issues with Tom Brady and his wife blew up when the league announced the punishment of the Dolphins because of the flirtation with Brady, because she had, as the theory goes, no idea he was talking to the Dolphins.

Mr. Commenter: So Goodell got Brady Divorced.

Mr. Cat: Ohhhhhhh. Wow. I like this, Mike.

Mike Florio: I won't take it that step...

Hank Lockwood: That is reckless speculation. 

(everyone laughs)

Mike Florio: But I'm telling you, there are people who are employed by NFL teams who think that. And when you look at the timeline, that stuff came out, and it was the next day he started missing practices. 

Mr. Commenter: Ultimate snake move by Goodell.

Mr. Cat: I like this, Mike.

Mr. Commenter: You thought four games for Deflategate was bad? He's going to end your marriage on top of that.

Mr. Cat: Mike, you got the goods, man.

That is certainly a theory. Is it true? There is no way to tell. But Mike Florio was just repeating what he had heard from people around the league. Be sure to listen to this entire interview and today's show for a Week 8 preview.