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One Of The Dozen Nets Fans In The World Got Arrested For Being An Asshole And Throwing A Cup Of Ice Towards Luka Doncic

This is honestly shocking. Not that a fan was an asshole. Not that someone threw something on the floor. But the fact the Nets have a fan who cares besides this old dude

Steven Ryan. Getty Images.

Dude just unleashes hell at the free throw line. Not someone I'd want to fuck with. But facts are nobody cares about the Nets. They have roughly a bakers dozen of fans. Even with the big moves of Durant, Kyrie, Harden and then Simmons people just can't care. They are a secondary franchise who needs to move back to Jersey and try to win over some fans there. 

I don't understand what you think this would accomplish and there's a precedent that you will get arrested, even if you try to run: 

[Source] - The fan then attempted to make a mad dash towards the exit but was apprehended by security, ESPN.com reported.

A spokesman told the website that the fan was arrested for their actions.

You gotta know your speed and have a true escape plan if you're going to be an asshole. Really rule number 1 of being an asshole at a sporting event. Poor planning which makes me agree with the arrest. Plus you did it in overtime. Why not regulation? Luka was already torching the Nets, might as well try to stop overtime. 

Then again it's pretty easy to not throw something on the floor. Boo, yell, whatever. Don't throw shit on a floor.