BREAKING NEWS: Gisele and Tom Brady Are Filing For Divorce Today

Source - Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have reached a settlement ending their marriage, and divorce documents will be formally filed today ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

Our sources say lawyers for both Gisele and Tom have been working with a mediator to hammer out both property settlement and custody, and we're told they have come to terms.

Our sources say the divorce document will be short ... the terms of the settlement will remain confidential and sealed.

The divorce document, we're told, will be filed in Florida. As we reported, the embattled couple's attorneys have been working on this split since early September.

As much as this has been rumored, reported on, chronicled and speculated about, now that it's this official, it's actually quite shocking. As recently as yesterday, Gisele was supposedly drawing a line in the sand telling Brady to make a choice: Football or her:

So it seemed like there was still some hope they'd reconcile. Maybe that was never really the case. Or perhaps he chose his first love, football, over his second love, the world's most iconic supermodel. Wherever the truth lies, when a couple has to call it quits, it's profoundly sad.

As much as it's tempting to turn this into a blog about whether Brady should've ever come back to the NFL, whether he should do the RomCom thing now by dropping his helmet in a trash can, drive away from the stadium to sweep her off her feet once again and begin their re-retirement Happily Ever After, or even talk about how this will affect his performance, now is not the time for that. Now is about showing respect to a family in crisis. 

I suppose on positive we can take away from this, sad though it is, is the fact this appears to be an amicable split. They're doing this quickly. Which is always a good thing, for everyone but the lawyers. It's especially good for their children. I spent a few years working in a Family & Probate Court. Some divorce case files would be a just a few pages long. Financial records and agreements and so on. Others would be as thick as a Tom Clancy hardcover. Those would be from all the motions, counter motions, amendments and complaints. Essentially a couple still fighting, but in legal form. The real bad ones would fill milk crates and be carried into the courtroom bungied to a two-wheeler. Those were the really contentious ones. And by definition, expensive ones. Every document represents a billable hour. And therefore that much more money going to the lawyers who don't care about your marriage, instead of the kids, who most definitely do. 

So good on them for making quick work of this, despite having so many assets they share. And not dragging their family through a long and bloody mess.

What this means going forward for each of them, only time will tell. Judging by just about every other breakup of a high-powered, world renowned celebrity couple, they'll probably end up dating other famous people. I mean, women who build fashion empires to the point they are one-name-famous around the globe and once walked across the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games with the eyes of the world watching don't end up going on dates with sports bloggers they meet on Christian Mingle. All we can assume is that the months and years to come for each of them are going to provide even more gossip page fodder than the split has. And fill up a lot of my time. Of that I have no doubt.

Best of luck to the entire Brady Bundch is this difficult time.