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Awesome Moment Wrexham Fans Made Rob McElhenney Cry In A Pub By Singing About Him Saving The Club

[Source] - McElhenney, who was enjoying a quiet moment on his own in the pub, was clearly overwhelmed by the song as he fought back the tears.

The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia star had watched Wrexham earn a 1-1 draw away at Boreham Wood on Saturday before visiting The Turf pub - just yards away from the Racecourse Ground - to spend time with supporters speaking about their season so far.

I'd like to think I understand this moment but I just can't. I still have to deal with James Dolan running the Knicks. Now, sure, if someone buys him and we come up with some song I may cry. I'd be singing as loud as possible. Hell, I might cry writing the blog if that happens. But we're talking about the Knicks and Dolan that ain't happening.

This is just a different world man. Wrexham is one of the oldest clubs in the world. They were screwed by a previous owner and trying to figure out what to do in order to get promoted. Their stadium was falling apart and it was just a disaster. In comes Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney and bam, they are battling for promotion again. They lost in the playoff last year after finishing 2nd and this season they currently are in 2nd place, 3 points behind Notts County. 


To some degree I thought this was mean. No one wants to cry, especially when drinking. Save that shit for when you're alone like any good Irish Catholic. Bury that shit inside of you and once or twice a year let it out. It's really what we do best. But Mac couldn't hold it in. You can see him try. He doesn't want to weep while enjoying a nice pint surrounded by people who love him. The first wipe is something a large majority of us can relate to. Just constantly telling yourself 'don't cry, don't cry, hold it in' and one or two tears start to stream down your face. You know you're fucked so just a deep breath and keep the composure. 

I said it before but if you haven't watched Welcome to Wrexham yet it was an awesome show. It did an incredible job of telling the story of the fans, city and club - including the Declan Swans, the people singing here in the pub. I actually found myself caring more about those stories than the actual team, mostly because of knowing the outcome of the season. But it's a perfect show to knock out if you have a couple days to binge it. 

It also made me think Mac can actually own a higher level team. The dude cares and it's clearly more than an investment. Having a song about you has to be as cool as it gets. Gotta convince Pup Punk to throw my name in a song.