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Christian McCaffrey Is The Latest Athlete To Use Fake Motivation, Claiming He Now Has A Chip On His Shoulder (Shockingly Not Injured)

I don't know what it is about athletes in any sport but this whole fake motivation is just annoying at this point. No you shouldn't have a chip on your shoulder. You're smarter than that Christian. You were traded because the Panthers are somehow imploding and competing for the NFC South title. Actually, I know how that's happening: 

We just need to come together as a society and stop with the fake motivation bullshit. It's a tiring act. No one actually believes you have a chip on your shoulder and if you did, it'd probably cause an injury. There, I said it. That's the reason you were traded along with the Panthers imploding. You 1) don't pay a running back big money and 2) having an oft-injured yet awesome running back doesn't win you games consistently. 

That said, when healthy McCaffrey is obviously awesome. That will be especially true in Shanahan's system - even with an average at best quarterback. That's how good that design is in the run game. But this isn't really just a football blog. This is a blog saying we need to stop the fake hate.

 We need to come up with a certain set of rules as to when you can say 'people doubted me.' That's the one that annoys me as much as chip on the shoulder. People didn't doubt you when you were a top pick and All-Star. Stop saying it during a game in February. I say it all the time but there are things we need to cut out of the world's vocabulary, thanks mostly to Twitter. Pro athletes saying they have a chip on their shoulder is now on that list. 

And if he does have a chip there, at least he has Olivia to help make life easier.