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Luka Doncic Threw An Incredible No-Look, Behind-The-Head Pass On His Way To Hanging A 40-Point Triple-Double On The Nets In An Overtime Win

Give me any excuse to gas up Luka Doncic, even the slightest crack in the door, and I will kick that motherfucker in.

Sure, the Dallas Mavericks are only 2-2. They have shit to figure out — namely who can they really count on besides the obvious guy who leads them? But damn folks, we are already seeing a seemingly reinvigorated, best-shape-of-his-life Luka take the NBA by storm whilst maybe approaching another unlocked level toward his full potential.

Despite taking on a summer schedule full of international hoops and going on a deep playoff run, the 23-year-old Doncic still reported for duty for Dallas' 2022-23 campaign noticeably more svelte. He's cleaned up his act as far as whining like a baby to the officials to a massive degree, which is impressive for someone so young who could beg for superstar calls all night if he wanted to. Mad respect for not acting out those off-putting, tired histrionics.

Ben Simmons did little to help defensively, save for a late fourth-quarter steal off Luka. What a disappointment he's been in his brief time with Brooklyn. Even Kyrie and KD couldn't prevent the Nets from sliding to 1-4.

Safe to say Luka Doncic is living up to his MVP favorite status so far. Even if a championship isn't in the cards, he's coming for any and all pieces of individual hardware. All this man seems to do is make constant NBA history.

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