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Connor McDavid's Hattie Clincher, And Leon Draisaitl's Last-Minute Winner…Oilers Hockey Is ELECTRIC As Usual

Blogging brevity hasn't been my strong suit of late or really since I've started here, but I'd like to get a quick appreciation post up for Connor McDavid, Leon Draisiatl and the Edmonton Oilers if I may, please. Because this raw footage is just a beautiful culmination of an 11-total-goal thriller in the Windy City.

No matter how many times I witness McJesus' blend of speed, stickhandling prowess and finishing ability, it never ceases to amaze me. I mean...dekes the absolute hell out of a poor Blackhawks defender, pulls off the drag right onto the doorstep, and snaps that shit past Alex Stalock.

Then, oh boy! Chicago gets the equalizer from Patrick Kane at the 16:49 mark! Alas...

What's dope about the Oilers is, even when McDavid has torched the back of your net thrice in a single evening and the score is still tied, you've got Leon Draisaitl right there to provide even more punch on the attack. Impressive, seeing-eye pass by Evander Kane to set up the finish with under 38 seconds remaining.

We deserve a McDavid-Draisaitl deep playoff run every single year from here on out. Such a tease making it to the Conference Finals only to get swept by the eventual Stanley Cup champion Avalanche. Looks like Edmonton's dynamic duo is already in postseason form. You take out that post-sweep frustration, gents!! The sport of hockey is better for it.

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