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It's Perfectly Clear To Me That Gisele Is Making Tom Brady Prove His Love Via The Lose All Your Matches Test From "A Knight's Tale"

Matt Winkelmeyer/MG18. Getty Images.

I've seen enough. I've been on the scent of this claim since last week when I brought up the idea in my weekly sad stats blog and last night did nothing but corroborate what is blatantly obvious: Gisele is clearly (but also allegedly) making Tom Brady prove his love by going out and figuratively throwing games just like Jocelyn made Heath Ledger do from the movie A Knight's Tale in his jousting matches because she was absolutely sick in the head. There I said it.

Think about it. October 6 - the story breaks that a divorce is on the way in the Brady household. 

Here's the theory. Brady goes off and beats the Falcons that weekend while Gisele stays at home with the kids. She's mad and doesn't want to watch the game so instead throws on A Knight's Tale for the family to watch. That's when the idea hit her. I mean, look at her in the tweet above. I can't think of anyone more high society or noble than Gisele. When Tom came home victorious from battle with the Falcons he gets hit with the ultimatum. If he truly wont retire then this is the only other way he can go out and fulfill his passion while also proving his love. 

If you think this is crazy then you have no idea how bad the Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers (the teams the Bucs lost to before tonight) are. They flat stink. The Steelers have the worst point differential in the league (-55) and the Panthers beat the Bucs even after officially waiving the white flag on the year and trading Christian McCaffrey. And anyone with half a brain watching tonight could see what happened to Brady in the red zone. Mike Evans was as wide open in the endzone on the first drive when Brady sailed it so bad I was actually a little worried the hurricane came back. And every time they got close to scoring there were wild overthrows or almost clear attempts at throwing an interception. 

Since Week 6 when this all started, The Bucs have made it in the red zone nine times and the only two touchdowns came in borderline garbage time (tonight and late vs the Steelers). But before Week 6, Brady threw touchdowns on 6 of 15 red zone trips. 

Giphy Images.

Now that I've all but confirmed this to be the case I have to say - I sort of get it. Tom has done nothing but win his whole life. And at some point I could see how Gisele could get sick of this and want to have her husband role play as a loser for a change. You know, spice things up a bit. Looking at the schedule, the Bucs get the Rams followed by the Seahawks before going on bye. I think he's got it in him to go the distance here and lose both these games. To prove he really can do it all - even lose.

To prove his love. 

- Jeffro