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The Titans Were Ready To Get Rid Of Derrick Henry Until Chris Johnson Talked To The Coaches And Said To Feed The Big Man

Shoutout to Chris Johnson for not just being an absolutely AWESOME running back, but also convincing the Titans to keep Derrick Henry instead of giving up on him. I've heard the story of Eddie George telling Derrick Henry to learn how to run through people but I hadn't heard the story of CJ2K basically saving the franchise and telling the coaches to feed the beast that is Derrick Henry. What a good call that was by Johnson.

He went on the Bus with Lendale White to talk with Will and Taylor about how he basically saved the franchise and kept one of the best running backs in the last decade in two-toned blue. 

You see there is a time that the Titans actually preferred Dion Lewis over Derrick Henry. Yes, you read that correctly. The Titans split carries with the 5'8" 195 pound Lewis and the 6'3" 245 pound Henry. Why an actual NFL coach wanted to do that and it took a former player to be like "Hey, give that huge guy who won the Heisman the ball more." is beyond me. Like imagine if Chris just didn't say anything and the Titans ended up sticking with Lewis over Henry. Football coaches think they're so smart until something like this happens, when a 2,000 yard rusher tells you to play a guy you should probably play him. 

What a franchise saving moment for the Titans, I don't know if I'd be able to live with myself if they kept Lewis as the main back and traded Henry to the Cardinals or something. Disaster avoided. 

Good call to keep this guy.