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LeBron Is Teaming With Amazon For A Manningcast-Type 'Thursday Night Football' Stream And This Has "Bad Idea" Written All Over It

Anyone else braved the horror movie experience of watching a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game this season? They're fucking terrible. Maybe this deal with Amazon Prime Video to stream whatever's going on at The Shop on Thursday Night Football is the latest indication LeBron James is checked out in the midst of his 20th NBA season.

Based on his latest social media activity, LeBron seems more interested in gassing up other players around the Association rather than his own teammates, or promoting various alternative forms of entertainment that don't involve a basketball court. The Lakers are 0-4 and an abysmal 3-point shooting team in a modern NBA where the ability to knock down deep shots is vital. Meanwhile, LeBron is apparently gonna spend off Thursdays on TNF streams.

Look, I'm not saying this once-a-week streaming situation will have any bearing on LeBron's individual performance as a Laker. What I am saying is it's not the best look when you're the leader of a awful-ass team and should be doing everything in your power to pull the proud Purple and Gold franchise out of a rut that's spanned multiple years and now looks as bad as it's ever been since The King arrived in Hollywood.

Oh by the way...legendary, retired former NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli Manning are already crushing the shit out of doing, basically, this exact same thing LeBron is about to do...and on a much bigger platform at ESPN. Where the Monday Night Football games tend to be of a far better quality, too. Not only do the Mannings have incredible insight from their experiences, but they're also hilarious. 

LeBron, Maverick Carter and Paul Rivera? Titillating. 

Giphy Images.

Think about that trio being compared and contrasted for their streaming abilities with the Mannings. Oof.

Most NFL fans are grateful for the Thursday night matchups. However, the lack of player recovery time and abbreviated week of preparation/game-planning tend to make for a pretty piss-poor product most of the time. Amazon really seems to be pulling out all the stops to mask that fact.

Good for LeBron, I guess? As much of a fan of LeBron the basketball player as I've been for many years, I'm not rushing to tune into this alternate streaming cast. It premieres on November 17 when the Packers and Titans kick off Week 11 at Lambeau Field. Betting it's about an 80-20 interested/not interested split among the general public. Perhaps the comments will prove me wrong.

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