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Watch This When You're High - Goosebumps "Night Of The Living Dummy" Episodes 2 & 3... BONUS - WTF Ever Happened To "The Lost Episode 1"?

It's Halloween week already, somehow, so let's count it down with some of the best "Goosebumps" and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark?" episodes.

Tonight's is a special double feature, "The Night Of The Living Dummy." Episodes 2 and 3 from Goosebumps.

Why no episode 1? Scroll to the bottom for the answer. 

Shout out to @chubbyhelmet for this suggestion. 

Night Of The Living Dummy Episode 2

Night Of The Living Dummy Episode 3

Back in the day, when this show was on Fox on Friday nights, and Goosebumps books were every kids go to at all the school book fairs, it used to drive us nuts as to why there was no "Night of The Living Dummy" part 1 television episode. 

Nobody could figure it out. And since we didn't have the internet to look up why, we did what everybody used to do back in the days before the www. We bullshitted. 

Kids used to lie and tell other kids they saw it, their uncle had it on tape and let them watch it, or that it aired but got taken off the air immediately after because it was too violent, scary, etc. and kids' parents complained. All sorts of urban legends. 

Turns out they were all bullshit. Obviously.


Let me know what other episodes were worth watching in the comments.

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