Same Old Bron Bron - Lakers Can't Win A Game And He's Posting Captions On Instagram About Being Taken For Granted

I know we don't like to do too much with numbers here, but this is an easy one. The Lakers are 0-4. That means they have 0 wins. They have yet to win a game. Put any synonym there you want and that's the Lakers season. So what does LeBron do? Same old shit. Subtweet (or caption) every single person around him because it's never his fault. Oh no why would it be? It's what I always say, he's an all-time player and generational talent but one of the biggest crybabies we've ever seen. He doesn't like to handle adversity. We saw that in Miami when everyone was basically begging him to be a villain and he couldn't do it. Nope he has to be loved. He has to do shit like this instead of being admitting the Lakers suck and he plays a role in that. Really the only thing missing in this post was his stats from last night or congratulating himself on some record. 

Now we have LeBron defenders saying he's putting pressure on the front office. Uhh, what? He's LeBron fucking James. He can walk in Pelinka's office and say who he wants. Then again there's a reason the Buddy Hield trade didn't happen last year and they took Westbrook instead. 

Four games into the regular season and we're getting this crying version of LeBron and the Lakers falling apart. Hate to see it. Hate it for our pal, Pat Bev. But these are the facts. They stink.