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The Buffalo Bills Released The First Mock Up Images Of Their Future Stadium And It Looks Sweet As Hell

LET'S GO BUFFALOOOOO!!! As if being the Super Bowl favorite isn't good enough for the Football Wildlings of Western New York, they also have a brand spanking new stadium coming in 2026 and it looks fucking awesome. Granted, I'm a Giants fan whose owners teamed up with the Jets to build the most boring stadium $1.6 billion can buy.

That gigantic air conditioner looking motherfucker was somehow more expensive than a legit modern wonder of the sports world built around the same time.

Ronald Martinez. Getty Images.

Spare me the difference between building in the Tri-State Area and Texas or any excuses about price of steel due to the Olympics in China. That's fucking shameful.

Where was I again? Oh yeah, the Bills new stadium looks awesome! Fancy glass walls(?) on the outside to give it that modern stadium look, high tech accent lighting on the inside like your rich friend's parents have, overhangs to keep some of the salt of the earth fans in the cheap seats dry, three buffalos bigger than Josh Allen by the entrance that acts an easy spot for you and your blacked out friends to meet up after you lose each other during the debauchery that is #BillsMafia tailgates, and what I imagine will be a top notch audio system to play this song all the damn time.

As usual, the Jets are taking strays, even when things are going well.

Most importantly there is NO ROOF on the stadium, which means the Bills will have a massive home field advantage when those Buffalo winters and lake effect snow truly motherfuck everybody sitting in its path. I know homefield advantages in the playoff weren't really necessary between the time Marv Levy left town and the time Sean McDermott arrived. But now that he is there along with a 10 foot QB with a laser rocket arm, playing in the elements during after Christmas should help the Bills.

I've been to one Bills game my entire life, which was in December of 2007 as I watched my Giants clinch a playoff berth for an unreal Super Bowl run I couldn't have possibly dreamed of at the time.

The reason I mention that is because I've lived my entire life in New York but never experienced weather like I did in Buffalo that day. We were hit by rain, snow, and ice coming from all sorts of directions that caused my phone, iPod (since this was before smart phones), and jacket to all get destroyed. Buffalo deserves a great new stadium but should also have that rawness that will make teams dread going there after Halloween.