Dave Grohl Informs Autograph Hawks He Doesn’t Sign Shit, Unless It’s For Charity

We talked about this a few weeks ago- The subject of grown men and women who hound other grown men and women for their signatures. 

And how when they get marked as weirdos, or actually feel awkward doing it (as they should), they subject their children to doing the dirty work.

And how it needs to stop.

Like this asshole who's notorious for hounding Mike Trout with his kids everywhere he goes.


We need to normalize bullying these people into submission. 

The more people like Grohl, Trout, and Anthony Rizzo tell them to get a life, the quicker it ends.

I really like Grohl's stance on this. He's polite but firm to these stalkers who refuse to take no for answer.  He's not opposed to signing stuff, he'll just only do it for charity. 

You want his autograph that bad? Find a charity auction and buy it. Win win. 

We talked about this this past week on our podcast "On The Guest List"