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Dana Altman Doesn't Give A Shit That USC/UCLA Basketball Are Leaving For The Big 10 Because Neither Team Wins Enough

I love this quote. Is it logical? No, not really, but I don't care. I'd much rather have the truth from a coach like this instead of the boring coach speak. You can see he wants to start that way. Our league will be fine - famous last words. But then he gets into very specific details. Since he took over Oregon, USC and UCLA are losers. A bunch of nobodies to him, basically. 

Altman took over in 2010 and has 4 Pac-12 regular season titles and 3 tournament titles. On the other hand USC hasn't won the regular season since 1985 and UCLA has 1 regular season title and 1 tournament title. He's running laps around them! He's not necessarily wrong, even with both teams getting hot lately. Oh that Sweet 16 game that USC destroyed Oregon in a couple years ago? Doesn't count. He's very specific with his stats and numbers never lie. 

Altman is right in a way. The basketball league will be fine because Oregon and Arizona are good enough to be a top-2. Not to mention Washington should at some point figure it out because Washington is too logical to suck for this long. Plus you can always steal teams (ahem, Gonzaga and SDSU) for basketball. But let's not act like losing UCLA is a great thing. As much as they haven't been a blue blood, they are still UCLA. USC is whatever when it comes to basketball but UCLA is the loss. 

Conference realignment sucks. There's no argument against that. What makes college sports great are the rivalries and the geographic sense it all made - you know when the ACC was actual teams on the Atlantic coast. Or when the Big 10 was all midwest + Penn State. I miss that because that's what I grew up with. But Altman is right, coaches shouldn't shy away from blasting teams like this. Just throw out stats that make you look better.