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Frank Thomas Called A "Douchebag" And A "Baby" By Ex-Teammates

Jeff Pearlman has a new book that just came out this week about Bo Jackson called The Last Folk Hero. Jackson and Frank Thomas were teammates with the Chicago White Sox for a couple seasons in the early 1990's. It seems like his teammates around that time didn't like the Big Hurt.

It may seem shocking that a Hall of Famer like Frank Thomas can get shit from Bo Jackson who didn't even play long enough to get a HOF vote but Bo was absolutely more popular at this time than Thomas. There was a Saturday morning cartoon called ProStars that came out in 1991 which was Bo's first season in Chicago. The cartoon had three athletes fighting crime and helping kids. The three stars they used were Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and...Bo Jackson. Putting Bo with those guys didn't seem weird at the time. That's how big of a deal Bo Jackson was.


During Thomas' career, you would hear rumors that he could be difficult or stubborn but to have a guy like Lance Johnson who played with Thomas for six seasons call you out publicly is not a great look. It's not like Johnson is known for starting shit. It also sounds like he isn't alone in not being impressed with Thomas' attitude.

Jeff Pearlman also wrote The Bad Guys Won about the 1986 Mets. It's a fantastic book full of interesting anecdotes and quotes about that crazy Mets team. Pearlman is very good at getting ex-players to open up about their old teammates. I'm excited to give this a read.