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WHOA: The Giants Just Traded Kadarius Toney To The Chiefs For 2 Draft Picks

I've never been more relieved yet bummed about a trade one of my teams made in their lives. Watching Kadarius Toney play football was one of the most fun things I've ever experienced as a Giants fan. Reading Kadarius Toney injury updates and rumors about being a problem off the field was one of the least fun things I've ever experienced as a Giants fan, and trust me there have been plenty of things added to that list over the years. 

Hmmmm a Florida receiver that can dominate all over the field but is rarely on it due to injury or off the field issues? I think Kadarius Toney fit my draft night comp to a tee.


No matter how much I liked Kadarius when he actually decided to do his job, if Handsome Joe Schoen and Badass Brian Daboll don't think you are a fit with the Giants, your ass gots to go. Even if you have a sweet nickname like Yung Joka. 

In years past when the Giants got draft picks, I worried about how the GM would butcher them. But considering the early returns we already have from this front office, I have nothing but faith they are going to get my little lamb Daniel Jones some help. 

Yes, the same Daniel Jones that has been named the best offensive player in his conference THREE times in 45 starts despite having a bunch of stooges as offensive coordinators and receivers for most of those games. 

I also need the front office to either turn that third round pick into a stud or at least have Evan Neal become a franchise right tackle because watching Micah Parsons lay waste to offenses for the Cowboys hurts even more since he was drafted one spot after the Giants original pick and now I can no longer cope by saying Kadarius Toney is going to be a star here.


As for the Chiefs, they get an absolute freak of nature that can change an entire football game with one play despite some red flags for a couple of conditional draft picks. Considering they got a haul when they TRADED an absolute freak of nature that can change an entire football game with one play despite some red flags to the Dolphins for a bunch of better draft picks, I'm gonna preemptively say this was a win for them. 

Ts and Ps to AFC defenses that have to deal with this guy catching footballs thrown by Patrick Mahomes on plays called by Andy Reid.


I should probably include the disclaimer WHEN HEALTHY

Best of luck in KC, Yung Joka. Can't wait to keep you on my fantasy bench all season while waiting for that red Q to disappear next to your name, knowing it probably never will.

Actually fuck that. We're not ending the blog with that schmoe.