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One Of The Greatest Scams Ever Perpetrated On The American People: Liquid Soap


I saw this clip this morning and for the first time I felt the strength to come out of the shadows. This is a take I have been sitting on for years. One thing that my string of failed relationships has left me with is all sorts of half used expensive ass soaps left behind by girlfriends who have needed to find a new home address. I've used soap with sugar in it. I've used soap with fucking little fennel seeds. I've used soap with oils I can't pronounce from stores I've never heard of. Soaps so expensive that they should NEVER be used on my body. All of them liquid. All of them a waste. 

I have #banned liquid soap. It is eradicated from my bathroom, my kitchen, my life. 

Here is my problem with liquid soap...all they do is take their product and add water to it. You know what is going to happen to your dishwashing detergent, your laundry detergent, and your body soap...as soon as you start that process...water is getting added. So liquid soap is just pre-adding water to the water that'll be added instantly when in use. That is fucking STUPID. That is wasteful. That is borderline predatory. Big Soap industry is just diluting their own products, changing the packaging, and then charging you more per oz of actual soap. They are cutting their supply just like a drug dealer would. Shameful. 

Also, as some of you may know, I used to work in plastic packaging. I know exactly how much energy is used to make those shampoo bottles and oversized laundry detergent gallon jugs. It's significant. And because I was specifically in beverage packaging I know how much water is wasted making the drinks you love. I am sure it is a similar amount of waste when making liquid soap. I remember hearing a story that a production facility in NC used more water than other company in the state. 

All the environmental losers advocating for paper straws or gluing themselves to the Mona Lisa while they throw giant jugs of Tide and Dial into landfills is preposterous. I don't think the people throwing soup at priceless works of art shower or do laundry as much as the average person, but still...there are easy wins for the consumer and the environment out there and it starts with simply banning liquid soap. Turn your brains on when you turn your faucet on. 

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