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Some Dude Went On Joe Rogan And Is Trying To Tell Us Aliens Have NEVER Been To Earth...WHAT THE FUCK?!?

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It looks like Joe Rogan is getting back to the basics with a LOT more frequency, which is great for people like me who wanted to use him as an escape from all of the COVID lunatics, but he just turned into one of them himself.

All good though - we got alien talk today. Again. I wrote about his interview with former Navy pilot Ryan Graves last week, and connected Graves' story to Bob Lazar's story from a few years back:

Both stories are doozies, but now we got this Michael Shermer cat on Rogan trying to throw red challenge flags ALL OVER both Graves' and Lazar's stories:

What the fuck man? Seriously, what the fuck???

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Why ya gotta rain on our parade? Seriously, fuck off. 

Now I don't know the first thing about this Shermer guy. But one glance at his wikipedia says he's not basically a professional skeptic, he IS a professional skeptic:

Aka a professional buzzkill. I'm sick of being force fed politics and everything. Give me an alien invasion! 

For real. Spare me your poo poo-ing, Shermer. Seriously - can it. I don't want to hear it. I want to take a bunch of 3chi gummies (promo code RLR for 5% off your order) and go to Mars while listening to people tell me how we're being watched by things not from this planet or how we're all about to get anally probed like Cartman.

Get your science shit the fuck out of my face.